What I’m doing…..

What I’m doing…..

I’m running the Yorkshire Plusnet Marathon on October 11th 2015. However, that is just the start of a five year mission – the intention is that this marathon will be the first 26 miles of an attempt to run 5,000 miles in 5 years. I’ll post lots more detail about this later, please follow me on twitter @andy5000miles, using the hash tag #Kirkwood5000. I’ll also have a page on the Kirkwood Hospice website, and I hope that the site you are looking at right now is where I will do my blogging – to let everyone following me know exactly how I’m getting on.

I’m hoping that I will receive sponsorship through one off donations on my just giving site (https://www.justgiving.com/andy5000) but what I am also hoping to do via this challenge is inspire lots of people to become Friends of Kirkwood, so you can sponsor me a little bit each month throughout the challenge.

Just to be absolutely clear, this is the challenge –

….to run 5000 miles in 5 years or less, starting on October 11th 2015. This will be measured using the “runtastic” phone app. Every run I do will be logged and measured – only running is counted, not walking, and my intention is that my average speed over the whole challenge remains under 9 minutes per mile. I’ll include training runs and official races.

5000 miles in 5 years is 80+ miles every month for 60 months, it’s 20 miles per week every week for 260 weeks! It’s the equivalent of over 190 marathons. Another way of thinking about it is like doing 6 parkruns every single week for 5 years.

5000 miles is the distance from Kirkwood Hospice to the Grand Canyon! By anyone’s standards that’s a long long way.

Why Kirkwood Hospice? I’ve witnessed first hand the amazing work the staff there do – it really is the most incredible place. You have to be a particular kind of person to work in that kind of an environment, and I know that I am not that kind of person. However, I want to do what I can to support the people who do, and what I can do is run.

Please give generously – for example, if I can get 100 people to give just £2 per month for the five years of the challenge that will raise £12,000. If you sponsor me, I promise you that I’m earning every penny –

I will be doing one off races like the Yorkshire marathon, and those will be exciting events which I’m very much looking forward to, but I’m asking you to sponsor me not for the headline events, but for the hard work inbetween. This is the main focus of this fundraising, and what I want to draw people’s attention to.

Sponsor me for the time when I come home on a wet horrible Tuesday night in November after a hard day at work, and get 8 miles in before tea. Sponsor me for getting up early on a Saturday morning and doing a quick 12 miles before I taxi the kids here and there rather than have that lie-in. Every Tuesday night for five years. Every Saturday morning for five years. Sponsor me for going out and doing 3 miles with a streaming cold because I need to keep the mileage up. Sponsor me for squeezing a couple of runs in on my summer holidays – for the next five years. Sponsor me for running over Christmas to keep the average mileage up.

I work full time, I’m 48 years old (I’ll be nearly 54 when this challenge is over!) and I have a wife and two teenage daughters. Life’s busy, but I’m pledging to run an average of 20 miles per week for the next five years to help raise vital funds for my local hospice. Please support me if you can – even if you are not able to support me financially if you could help spread the word through social media (follow me on twitter @andy5000miles) then that would be great too.


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