Maranoia and other last minute thoughts

Four days to go before the 30 miles, and I’m getting man flu. Or am I? My knee is feeling worse when I walk up stairs. Or does it?

Possibly, but more likely, much more likely, I have maranoia.

It’s a thing. Look it up……google it, there is loads about it out there.

I’m not doing a marathon – I don’t know what what I’m doing is even called – it’s a 30 mile run in 11 stages with stops of indeterminate length inbetween each stage – I’m not sure there is a name for it, but if there was then I’d currently have the associated “…anoia”.

Ultimately it’s that natural paranoia we all have that we’re not good enough, we’re going to let someone down, or that something out of your control will have a negative effect on your performance.

I’ve said it lots of times before, but I’ll say it again – running is more about what’s going on in your head than in the rest of your body.  True, you need strong legs to be able to complete a 30 mile run, I’m not saying anyone could just drag themselves out of bed and do it, but what you need is a healthy and positive mental attitude. I’ve had a couple of poor nights sleep, and as I write this in the evening I’m feeling pretty exhausted, and the natural next step along from that feeling is something like “why the hell do I think I can run 30 miles, I don’t even feel like I could make it up the flight of stairs to bed”.

It’s kind of reassuring to know that this is normal – but it doesn’t alter that fact that I feel a bit hot, and that one of my children has been coughing for the last two days and I work in a building which has just been closed because of an e-coli scare.

Anyway, I don’t want anyone worrying about me………

Just in case you don’t already know, this is the route for this Saturday,  15 July 2017

…….and this is a promotional video of me talking about the challenge (I was horrified when I watched this back and realised that I look like an old man running – then I remembered that is exactly what I am!)

Anyway, I need to go to bed – I’m getting a sore throat, I can feel it, and my eyes hurt.

Hope to see loads of you on Saturday, it’s not too late to join in – just pitch up at any point en route and make yourself known – the more the merrier…..


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