pre Manchester Marathon update

Quick update – I’ve just transferred my mileage from the “runtastic” app to my Kirkwood 5000 spreadsheet and without realising it I have crept over 1,500 miles – I did intend to mark the occasion in some way but I missed it, so my own fault. Not to worry, I’m now 30% of the way to 5,000!!!!

However, a week last Saturday I got my first injury since I started, my right calf started to hurt on the run back from parkrun, and got worse over the last three miles. I rested it until last Wednesday and then went out for 6 miles, it was fine for the first 3 but I went over a dodgy bit of wobbly pavement and it started to stiffen up again. Anyway, it was bad for about three days, but now feels almost normal – I’ve been stretching it, done lots of walking, but I haven’t run on it.

It’s the Manchester Marathon on Sunday – I’ve taken some advice from a couple of experienced runners and they reckon that because of all the miles I’ve put in (I’ve done two 20 mile+ runs in the last few Saturday mornings) I should be ok to just rest it until Sunday, then just run the marathon – rather than testing it out tonight or tomorrow and risk re-injury.

So, I’m like a coiled spring at the moment, desperate to run but saving my legs for Sunday. I’ve lowered my expectation from PB hunting to just getting around in one piece. Thansk to all of you who have sponsored me so far over the last 18 months – if you have ever thought about sponsoring me but never quite got around to it, then on Sunday morning, I’m going to attempt to drag a dodgy left knee and a dodgy right calf around 26.2 miles – IN LANCASHIRE! If that isn’t worth a few quid, then I don’t know what is.

The link to my sponsor page is here


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